Saturday, February 18, 2017

This week in Hansen Class, we have all been respectful, responsible and resilient learners. In our classroom we can earn Dojo points for showing the Hay Park Way and this week we reached 500 points as a class! On Friday we all had ice blocks to celebrate our fantastic teamwork!


  1. Great team work Hansen class keep it up..

  2. hi my name is Brianna
    I really like how your class is a responsible and resilient class Thank you for showing me this post
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  4. Hi,
    my name is Taylah, I really like how you guys are a very responsible class. Thank you for showing me your posts and I would like to know more about your class.

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  5. Hi Hansen's Class,😃

    My name is Kirsten I study at Papakura Central School. WOW you got ice blocks. You guys are very lucky. Last Term we got to have ice blocks every Thursday but you had to pay a dollar. Great Work for working as a team keep it up.

    Please check out my blog😃

  6. Hi im Ana from Papakura central school and I like the team work you guys did for your class,Hope you keep it up and get another reward.

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